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to cal students. don't walk alone and put your valuables away. >>> friday's lax shooting has security over here at sfo on high alert. what we are learning about the shooter and the warning that may have come too late. ,,,,,,,,,, >>> new details about the gunman charged with the shooting at lax. police say he acted alone. >>> the oakland a's may be headed to at&t park. it would force the team to share if the coliseum officials can't agree on a short-term lease. >> our people step on the tracks. they do this every day to make sure that those tracks are clear. >>> this week the bart board of directors will vote on the contract approved by the union to finalize the deal. it includes a 15% pay raise over the next four years. >>> egypt's ousted president mohammed morsi heads into a trial for incite. of violence and murder. if convicted he could face the death penalty. >>> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >>> good morning everyone. it's monday, november 4. let's get you out the door. a little weather. a chilly start but it looks li
trains are out of the yard on time. no delays reported for cal train. no problems for 101 heading across the golden gate. a look at kcbs traffic. >>> . >>> talking really gusting winds, light rain. kpix doppler picking up light rainfall totals, especially over the santa cruz mountains. if traveling highway 17, highway 9, may hit patches of wet weather, some slick conditions. couple showers expected through the afternoon. >>> out the door, breezy, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. kind of a mix of sunnd clouds. temperatures on the cooler side, below average. fifties pushing to the low 60s. the low continues to drop south, causing all this wet, breezy weather. the main energy to system farther east. bay area on the western edge. that's bringing this fall storm. looks like most of northern california getting hit with wet weather. a snow-rain mix if you're out in tahoe with a high today of about 39 degrees. . temperatures are about 10 degrees below average. used to reaching in the low 70s. 61 your forecasted high in concord, 62 in pleasant hill, walnut cre
greater expectations than their so cal rivals. >> everybody has a chance to win a championship now. we're going for it. >> not so fast for the lakers. close game against the clippers, 4th quarter when the lakers go on an 18-6 run. they did it with their entire starting five on the bench. there's jordan farmer. lakers win and they will be at oracle tonight. check out the odds. the warriors to win the tight 282-1, the lakers 50-1. when is the last time that happened? and by the way, yes, the heat favored to win at their third straight title. >>> king james and company got their championship rings hosting the bulls at home. lebron 17 points, 6 rebounds on the night. the heat pick up where they left off winning easily, 107- 107-95. >>> good night! that is a huge fish! >> linda williams became the first woman to have the winning catch in cabo san lucas' annual black and blue marlin tournament pulling in a 774- pound blue marlin and won close to $400,000 and the runner-up also female. that was the first time a woman has won that tournament. michelle, together now, i am woman, hear me roar!
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3